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Our heavy-duty, durable barn doors won't let you down. Completely customizable, available unfinished or with a variety of finishes, in a wide array of sizes.

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Have some space constraints to the sides of your entryway? Use our convenient Bypass door hardware system to solve that problem. We also offer Bi-Parting Hardware Systems allowing you to make any large entryway look amazing!

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About Barn Door Hardware

Doors are usually heavy, so the handles must be strong enough to support the weight when pulled. The users should be kept in mind as well, when looking for the right pulls and other barn door hardware.

The first thing to consider when looking for the right equipment is the type of track the doors slide on. Round, square, and round tracks are common. You will need to inspect the tracks to see whether they need replacement. If so, you will want to purchase a kit that contains all the pieces that work together.

After figuring out which model you need, you will then need to determine if a single or double bracket is necessary. End caps and hangers are included in a typical kit. The best approach is to replace the slides with the same barn door hardware that already exists, unless you want to add a second door or make other changes.

Hinges, handles and latches are other types of barn door hardware to consider when getting the doors in working order. Hinged doors will require heavy-duty hinges that can withstand the weight of the doors.

Cast iron hinges and slides look good on an older barn with a classic style. Strap-style hinges of forged iron not only last, but give the barn a decorative look and can serve as an accent for a show barn or structure that may be open to the public. They can also be bolted through the thickness of the barn door for additional support.

Butt hinges and spring-loaded butt hinges with decorative straps are other choices for barn doors. Butt hinges are strong and withstand quite a bit of weight. They can be painted to match decorative straps if a certain color or finish is desired.

There are many different handles and latches to consider when choosing pieces to open and close the door. A t-handle and lock set may be suitable for smaller doors with less weight. The handle is simply turned one direction to open and another to close. In the closed position the handle can be securely locked. This is a good choice for barns used to store expensive equipment such as tractors, wagons, and balers. It can be a suitable choice for a barn used to store motor vehicles.

A jamb latch is a simple way of shutting the barn door. It slides into the top or bottom of the door jamb and is used to help keep the door closed. It does not have the capability of being locked, but can serve to keep animals and equipment dry and safe in all kinds of weather. Iron or heavy stainless steel jamb latches are available in different finishes and sizes to fit the style and size of the door.

All items should be solid and able to withstand the elements. The best places to find the right items are hardware stores or tractor and farm supply stores. In some cases, if the size and style is known, items may be purchased from online hardware vendors that carry suitable products.

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